Depart will premiere in the hauntingly beautiful Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. A Victorian treasure hidden in the heart of East London, the atmospheric Cemetery Park is a tranquil haven nestled into the surrounding highrise and bustle of the East End. Moss covered graves and foreboding gothic tombs are overrun by rich woodland and wildlife. The only dedicated woodland park in Tower Hamlets, it is London’s most urban woodland and, unlike much of the surrounding city, homes many more species than pigeons and foxes. Opened in 1841, the Cemetery Park is soaked in history being created as one of London’s Magnificent Seven Cemeteries, built to accommodate the increasingly sprawling metropolis that the capital was becoming. The park contains remains of many significant local residents and offers a fascinating insight into the history of the borough over the last century. Closed to burials in 1966, the park now serves as a peaceful space, whose history, woodland and wildlife borders on magical.

To fully experience the magic of Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, join one of their guided tours delving into its fascinating history or uncovering the incredible variety of flora and fauna populating the park. 

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